Meta chat This is plastered for the FAQ right here. You simply can’t pull aged issues.

Meta chat This is plastered for the FAQ right here. You simply can’t pull aged issues.

That is dealt with through the FAQ right here. You are unable to clear away previous query, but since there certainly is a specific purpose need a concern or two away from your visibility, we will go over whether we could get them to be confidential. Reach usa through to the contact form with specifics.

The explanation for points staying across is it try an open website of practical questions and answers therefore we sample the far better to keep complete store of old answers and questions whole. You never know if problems that you had couple of years before helps out some one in identical condition here. If there’s painful and sensitive product in a question, we are going to start thinking about that makes it unknown for you personally, but because folks help both out out-of goodwill, do not always build a habit of removing aged questions and answers that folks remaining hoping of aiding each other. submitted by mathowie ( employees ) at 1:48 PM on December 5, 2012 [2 favorites]

– You cannot remove your individual questions or opinions, no. – they actually do keep across permanently, yes. Practically nothing quickly runs out on this website. – whether you have concerns about a particular query or de quelle fai§on necessary erased for reasons uknown, possible let us know mods from the contact page to debate the main points. placed by cortex ( people ) at 1:48 PM on December 5, 2012

Almost nothing immediately runs out on this internet site.

Absolutely nothing immediately expires on this internet site.

The cows milk runs negative fundamentally nicely. submitted by HuronBob at 1:56 PM on December 5, 2012

Simply FYI along with my opinion, it’s better to deliver issues linked to private secrecy straight to the mods, via the Contact connect in the bottoom of each page on the site.

Precisely why? ‘influence in case you are concerned with privacy or some this, probably a large number of many people have nowadays regarded your previous issues and thinking the one you desire deleted. published by Brandon Blatcher at 2:06 PM on December 5, 2012 [28 preferred]

lalex: “queries do get removed as a result “poster’s request” then again finish up Googleable in any event considering the deleted post blogs. Basically were going to disassociate an issue from my favorite owner brand, In my opinion I would prefer to own it anonymized rather than wiped.”

That is certainly fairly inside ball for definitions of “deleted”, though. The majority of people imagine “deleted” because, perfectly, deleted-deleted. Dictionary description deleted. submitted by boo_radley at 2:15 PM on December 5, 2012

That is definitely rather inside hockey for explanations of “deleted”, though.

It depends. If somebody uses the equivalent username throughout several social networking records, and it’s troubled that somebody could google that manage and look for some earlier awkward issues on AskMe, this indicates reasonable to point out that “deleted” doesn’t mean “gone”. published by lalex at 2:22 PM on December 5, 2012

can they keep online for a long time?

Each question for you is in fact device converted into 15 languages, laser-etched onto a finely milled obsidian disc, and placed into a titanium tube just where it floats on a line of pressurized nitrogen. These cylinders become kept in completely created niches created to the wall space of a long-term space service in the bottoom of a mine shaft inside Nevada wilderness. The goal is to minimize any possibility entropic information control, though from the obvious expense of gain access to.

Clearly there is nothing certain, however, there is a top possibility that the question will survive at any rate provided our world will. uploaded by R. Schlock at 2:32 PM on December 5, 2012 [18 favorites]

To get rid of your personal MetaFilter movements, you need to have fun with a faultless match, without dying, for a passing fancy quarter, and create it all the best way to the harm display screen. Then you’ve to conquer the destroy display screen (quite hard, given the method it’s glitched to hell) and get in your name to the highest ratings number. 6–8 weeks later on, cortex will emerge at the home (make certain you’re room; this individual only comes after) and dare that unmarried combat. You will need to victory best-of-three-falls (catch-as-catch-can, not Greco-Roman); subsequently in support of after that, will you posses a question removed.

Perform when necessary for any more query. placed by Eideteker at 2:32 PM on December 5, 2012 [13 preferences]

The trick to everlasting life is on Metafilter.

Uh, I’m being some pressure level in this article. uploaded by Meta air filtration system at 3:35 PM on December 5, 2012 [11 preferences]

The guess is the fact daveg02 merely asking yourself, and that also there is no certain concern that he must remove and to have their identity switched off.

In addition, i want for Metafilter to remain in for a long time, in the event that in archived form. submitted by Pronoiac at 3:50 PM on December 5, 2012

In case you are previously on Potomac path, be certain and create doughnuts.

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